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Table of Contents

We Do Language: English Language Variation in the Secondary English Classroom

By Anne H. Charity Hudley and Christine Mallinson

Book foreword by Dr. Jacqueline Jones Royster



Chapter 1. Doing Language

What Secondary English Educators Want to Know about Language Variation

Who We Are

Our Goals for This Book

Chapter 2. Language Varies                                                                    .

Linguistic Truth #1: Communication Occurs in Social Contexts

Linguistic Truth #2: Language Changes

Linguistic Truth #3: Language Differences Are Not Language Deficits

Supporting Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students


Chapter 3. Language and Culture: Having Courageous Conversations                    

Language Is Culture, Culture Is Language

Communicative Burdens

Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Linguistic Agency


Chapter 4. Language Variation in Literature

The Importance of Orality

Authorial Choice and Literary Voice

Becoming Language Investigators: Analyzing the Language of Literary Texts


Chapter 5. Doing Language: The Transition to College and Beyond

Developing Students’ Linguistic Agency

The Language at the Center of Our Narratives



About the Authors


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