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In-Service Workshops

In addition to certification and re-certification courses, conference presentations, and online materials, we are also available to give in-service workshops on various topics related to our expertise in sociolinguistics to groups of K-12 educators and community members.

Some of our in-service workshop presentation topics include:

  • Language Variation in Diverse Schools and Communities
  • Addressing Achievement Gaps through Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Instruction
  • Language Variation and Change in U.S.-American English
  • Language Assessment of African-American and Southern Students
  • Language Variation in the U.S. South
  • The History and Development of Southern English and Appalachian English
  • Language Variation and Literacy Instruction for African-American Children
  • The History and Development of African American English
  • The African-American Experience in Independent Schools
  • Service Learning in Linguistics and Education

We have led in-service workshops throughout the U.S., concentrating in the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast.  References from schools and organizations with whom we have partnered are available upon request!

Educators who have attended our in-service professional development workshops have found information about language variation to be critically important to their teaching, and they have seen excellent results when directly applying information they learned in our workshops to their own classrooms.  Participants our in-service workshops have stated:

  • You changed my life!

  • I really loved the whole PD.  Fascinating material, truly!

  • To say that Christine Mallinson and Anne Charity Hudley are effective working with teachers is an understatement!

As is evident from their feedback, educators who have participated in our in-service professional development workshops find that information about language variation has significantly shaped their pedagogical approaches to teaching linguistically and culturally diverse students.  To contact us to inquire about professional development opportunities, click here!

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