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Continuing Education

From July 25-29, 2011, Dr. Anne H. Charity Hudley and Dr. Christine Mallinson will co-teach a week-long continuing education course “Language Variation in the Classroom: An Educator’s Toolkit” at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Summer Workshop Series for Teachers. They also taught the class in 2009 and 2010.

Educators attending this workshop have found information about language variation to be critically important for their teaching methods and assessment practices, and they have seen excellent results when directly applying information they learned in our workshops to their own classrooms.

Here’s a quote from a 2009 participant:

“This linguistic educational duo has not only informed, explained and clarified my concerns about what I am observing and in which I am participating in the classroom, but they have also expanded my mind. I might be a Brooklyn girl, but my first experience in Richmond says VCU rocks!”
–’09 Participant, Language Variation in the Classroom

The course is open to anyone interested in the practical implications of language variation in K-12 classrooms. We will examine some of the major differences in the speech and writing of students who are who are speakers of Southern English and/or African-American English and students who are new learners of English. We will share assessment tools needed to recognize language variation and distinguish language diversity from student error in listening, reading, and writing in students of all ages. We will also explore other aspects of communication, such as word choice, slang, tone, silence, and loudness, and how variation in their use can affect learners in the classroom.  We will demonstrate methods and activities that educators can use to address language variations in their students’ speech and writing. We will practice strategies designed to help non-standardized English-speaking students approach reading and standardized test taking.

Accommodations are available for out of town students and a discounted tuition rate is available for multiple people coming from the same university or school district. To find out more about this continuing education opportunity, click here!

To contact us to inquire about other professional development opportunities, click here!


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