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Toward an LSA Statement on Race

A summary of our 2018 Linguistic Society of America Symposium may be found here:

A draft towards the LSA Statement on Race may be found here: LSA.Race.Statement.Draft.04.10.2018

As we work toward developing a statement on race within linguistics, we invite scholars to reach out to us with their responses to this work and these questions so that this conversation is inclusive and represents perspectives on race from the widest number of scholars possible. We recognize that any such effort is never complete and that our notions of race, and discussion about it, are constantly expanding, changing, and even in dispute. We also recognize that models of race are different across the world, and as a result we particularly invite comment from scholars who work on race in communities located outside of the U.S. We invite direct commentary about the following questions in particular:

  • Why in 2018, do we need a statement on race? What is race anyway?
  • What racial questions are currently allowable in linguistics and which ones should we be asking?
  • What existing racial theories is linguistics drawing from?
  • Who should be included in the citations in an LSA Statement on Race?
  • How are theories of race and previous work on race operationalized in linguistics and linguistic research?
  • How might would specific and unique insights from linguistics influence other statements, models, and research on race?
  • What can linguistics uniquely or in combination with other models contribute to our understanding of race and how does that intersect with other statements?
  • How can people from underrepresented racial groups be empowered in linguistics? How linguistics can be less racist?

We invite you to contact us directly, and we encourage you to submit your comments, feedback, and suggestions via this Google form. We look forward to continuing the conversation.


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