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Interview with The Ling Space

February 24, 2017

I sat down with The Ling Space in January at the Linguistic Society of America Conference to talk language, culture, and educational policy. Thanks to The Ling Space for such a great interview!

Published on Feb 18, 2017

We’re really excited to have gotten to interview Anne Charity Hudley at the Linguistic Society of America meeting in January! Dr. Charity Hudley is an associate professor at the College of William and Mary, and the inaugural William and Mary Professor of Community Studies. She’s co-authored two books on English language variation in classroom settings, and also wrote the section on language and racialization in the Oxford Handbook of Language and Society. She’s a great sociolinguistic researcher who’s doing a lot of work on dialectal variation, linguistic justice, and more. You can find out more about her and her work at

In our interview, we discussed the following topics:
– the importance of attending to language variation in the classroom
– what teachers and students have to learn from linguists, and vice versa
– the role language and linguistics has played in racialization, and how to get away from that
– how to work to convince people of the importance of interacting with language variation and linguistic justice
– why we should do more to get younger people involved in linguistics and research

… and more! Thanks again to Dr. Charity Hudley for speaking with us.

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