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“The Sound of Inclusion: Why Teachers’ Words Matter”

April 11, 2017

Teachers’ words matter, and students’ do too – from science to the humanities. We are excited to have our work with educators featured in this article, “The Sound of Inclusion”, that we wrote for The Conversation. There are so many amazing teachers and students who are the inspiration for this article and for all our work — too many to tag, but we are so grateful to you all!


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Interview with The Ling Space

February 24, 2017

I sat down with The Ling Space in January at the Linguistic Society of America Conference to talk language, culture, and educational policy. Thanks to The Ling Space for such a great interview!

Published on Feb 18, 2017

We’re really excited to have gotten to interview Anne Charity Hudley at the Linguistic Society of America meeting in January! Dr. Charity Hudley is an associate professor at the College of William and Mary, and the inaugural William and Mary Professor of Community Studies. She’s co-authored two books on English language variation in classroom settings, and also wrote the section on language and racialization in the Oxford Handbook of Language and Society. She’s a great sociolinguistic researcher who’s doing a lot of work on dialectal variation, linguistic justice, and more. You can find out more about her and her work at

In our interview, we discussed the following topics:
– the importance of attending to language variation in the classroom
– what teachers and students have to learn from linguists, and vice versa
– the role language and linguistics has played in racialization, and how to get away from that
– how to work to convince people of the importance of interacting with language variation and linguistic justice
– why we should do more to get younger people involved in linguistics and research

… and more! Thanks again to Dr. Charity Hudley for speaking with us.

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Linguistic Pride and Prejudice: Sociolinguistics, Languages, and Dialects –
Word Crimes and Misdemeanors: Linguistic Descriptivism vs. Prescriptivism –

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We also have forums to discuss this interview, and linguistics more generally.

Read about Our Free iPhone App for Teachers, “Valuable Voices”

February 3, 2017

This UMBC News story describes how our free iPhone app for teachers, “Valuable Voices,” is reaching teachers far outside our own networks. If you haven’t already, go to the App store, search “Valuable Voices,” and download, or click here for the link.  And if you are a teacher and are interested in participating in our follow up study later this year, send us an email!

Anne’s transition to the University of California, Santa Barbara

December 12, 2016

From Anne: I’m happy to announce that I have accepted an offer to be the North Hall Endowed Chair in the Linguistics of African America and Director of Undergraduate Research at UC Santa Barbara effective July 1st, 2017. I will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing undergraduate research programs for over 20,000 undergraduates at the first Minority-Serving Institution that is also a member of the Association of American Universities. I will also be working in particular to enrich the experiences of UCSB’s over 900 African-American students. I’ll be accepting graduate students with interests in African-American language, culture, and justice to UCSB Linguistics and UCSB Department of Black Studies. Virginia and William & Mary will always be a place that we consider home. California here we come. I’m ready to learn. #GoGauchxs

He aceptado una oferta de la UC Santa Barbara para ser la Cátedra North Hall de la lingüística de la América Africana y Directora de investigación de pregrado, comenzando el 1 de julio de 2017. El estado de la Virginia, tanto como la universidad de William & Mary, siempre será el lugar que consideramos nuestro hogar. California allá voy! #GoGauchxs

“Valuable Voices”: Our New Free iPhone App for Teachers!

September 27, 2016

We are excited to spread the word about our latest educational outreach initiative… a free iPhone app!! The app provides 12 ready-to-implement exercises for students and educators — one a month, for a year’s worth of teaching — to build awareness of language and culture. The teaching exercises are geared toward middle/high school English but can easily be adapted for elementary or even college, in a variety of content areas. Please download it, use it, and let us know what you liked — and didn’t! To download the app, go to the App Store on your iPhone and type in “Valuable Voices” — here is a screenshot so that you know what to look for. To our knowledge this is the only sociolinguistics app of its kind! Hopefully one day we can expand to create more apps — and expand to make the apps available to Android users, too. We couldn’t have done it without our team of assistants and our teacher consultants – thank you all!


8 Videos on Language and Culture now available!

October 14, 2015

The test site is live! Check out a brand new series of eight videos featuring Dr. Anne H. Charity Hudley, sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education and the National Science Foundation. The videos, based on our research, cover the following topics:
1.) Language & Culture in the classroom: a general overview of linguistically and culturally responsive teaching (30 minutes)
2.) Sharing the burden of communication with your students: How language impacts school climate, instruction, and classroom management (30 minutes)
3.) Language and Culture in Virginia Classrooms: Specific Knowledge Matters: Grammar and Sound (30 minutes)
4.) Language and Culture in Virginia Classrooms: Specific Knowledge Matters: Discourse (30 minutes)
5.) Language and culture in the elementary language arts classroom (30 minutes)
6.) Language and culture in the elementary STEM classroom (30 minutes)
7.) Language and culture in the secondary language arts classroom (30 minutes)
8.) Language and culture in the secondary STEM classroom (30 minutes)

Follow this link to access these videos!

Call for Vignettes for Highest Honors: A Guide to Undergraduate Research

August 18, 2015

Students' Right to Their Own Writing

Call for Vignettes for Highest Honors: A Guide to Undergraduate Research

Call for Vignettes: We’re soliciting vignettes (100 to 500 word written answers) to questions as listed for each chapter of Highest Honors: A Guide to Undergraduate Research. If your vignette is selected for publication in the book, you will receive $100.00 and will be required to sign a release form from Teachers College Press. Your vignette may be edited. You will be able to review the vignette and the chapter that it appears in several times before it goes to press.

 Vignettes are due by June 1st 2016.

 Send questions and completed vignettes to

Chapter 1: Why This Book is Important

What does it mean to you to transition from being a student to being a scholar/undergraduate researcher?

What do you wish you’d known about college academics, especially undergraduate research, in your first year or…

View original post 625 more words

Join us July 18 & 19th at the Linguistic Institute in Chicago, Illinois for a Engaged Scholarship in Linguistics: Partnering with Educators to Communicate about Language Variation Workshop

February 25, 2015

Learn more here:

Date: Saturday, July 18, 2015 – 9:00am to Sunday, July 19, 2015 – 3:00pm

Location: TBA, Chicago, IL 60637

This 2-day workshop is designed for both novice and seasoned researchers who are interested in learning more about working to apply linguistic insight to educational and social change. The positioning of linguistics as a discipline that lies at the intersection of the humanities, social sciences, and STEM sciences provides scholars with numerous possibilities for applying our research findings to address persistent the opportunity gaps that often face culturally and linguistically diverse students. The workshop will introduce participants to important theoretical, ethical, and logistical considerations when working with educators, students, parents, administrators, and local communities in order to maximize our impact as linguists and promote collaborative, sustainable models of engaged scholarship.

Our books are now available on Kindle and Nook!

December 13, 2014

Both of our books are now available digitally!

  • Find Understanding English Language Variation in U.S. Schools on Kindle and on Nook
  • Find We Do Language: English Language Variation in the Secondary English Classroom on Kindle and on Nook!

Just in time for a holiday gift for your favorite educators!

Anne’s Articles on Language Variation on’s Lexicon Valley

October 20, 2014

“Which English You Speak Has Nothing to Do with How Smart You Are” and “The Language of Maya Angelou”:  Check out Anne’s recent articles on language variation on’s Lexicon Valley!